Lifestyle Shutters and Blinds specialise in installation of stunning made-to-measure window shutters for customers throughout Kent. By helping you select the perfect shutter, you are able to effectively monitor and control the light and privacy of the specific room, while improving the whole appearance and décor of your property.

Shutters are designed to offer a complete control of light, ventilation and privacy, and when fitted by our skilled fitters, they can enhance your home’s energy efficiency. When you install fitted shutters along with energy efficient windows and other energy efficient upgrades, the professionals at Roofing USA agree that your home will be better able to retain heat during the winter and stay cool during the summer.

Our bespoke design and installation services guarantee that you receive a reliable, stress free and professional service, from your initial enquiry through to the shutter’s installation.

There are four designs available:

Full Height Shutters

Shutters are designed to dress the full height of your window, from top to bottom. Although these shutters are the simplest style of design, they are offer a versatile and elegant way to dress your windows.

Full Height Shutters with Mid Rail

This shutter is specifically designed to dress tall windows, where the shutters require additional strength to stop becoming damaged. The panels are divided into two sections with a separate tilt rod, which enables the top and bottom sections to be opened and closed independently.

Cafe Style Shutters

These shutters only cover the bottom half of a window, therefore giving privacy up to midpoint of the window. This allows light to come through the top of the window. This particular style of shutters is usually popular with people living in town houses with 3 sided bay windows.

Tier on Tier

This is arguably most versatile design of shutter and has two sets of shutters hung one about the other. The top shutters can be opened, closed and folded back independently from the bottom shutters, which offers total privacy when the bottom shutters are closed and the top are folded back.